Our vision is about providing Instantaneous Societal Awareness before, during and after incidents, emergencies and crises; a society where a majority, at best, all individuals, at the exact same time, has access to exactly the same information. This allows for a contemporary and collective situational awareness, that is, the uniform interpretation of an incident or event. In a crisis communications context, this means that every individual can simultaneously be made aware of early indications, what happens, how the event is likely to develop, the consequences in the short and long term, what individuals should do, as well as actions that authorities are handling and will implement in the future.

Our mission is to contribute to the process of creating a safe and secure society by providing services to stakeholders within the field of public safety and crisis management. Our contribution is based on findings and insights derived from recent research, ongoing trend spotting, international standardization and best practices.



As an expert consultant we focus in offering methodology based on long experience in ICT-related applied research. We work within areas such as innovation, system and product development, marketing and business development, education and training.

We provide pre studies, guidence, requirement definitions and requirement analysis as well as solution architectural work.


As a resource consultant we offer services such as project management, requirement analyses, IT related design and dimensioning, software design, test and verification as well as how to best set up your own support organisation.

We make sure that all services we offer is well defined and easily understood in order to minimise future problems and disturbances.

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During a number of workshops we guide you and your organization towards understanding where your industry and business environment is going.

We use tools such as trend spotting and scenario planning as a basis for looking ahead, defining game plans, identify opportunities and position, create future-driven innovations, generate market-driven concept and positioning, create strategies and transform them into simple steps and action plans.


We are a consulting and research company that assists organizations and leaders to understand and shape their futures within the field of public safety and crisis management.

We are committed to continually innovate and develop future-proof solutions, support our clients in meeting their needs of tomorrow.

Our goal is to create long-term customer relationships by providing quality-driven services and solutions.

Our approach

  • is based on decades of experience
  • is developed and refined in close collaboration with research institutions, industry and government agencies
  • supports trend spotting, scenario planning, innovation, strategic change, business development
  • supports the transformation of complexity into simple steps and actions

Our extensive network of competent partners ensures that we always can fulfill your needs. For each client (if needed) we create a team of in-house and consultants from different sources consisting of:

  • Domain expertise from public safety and emergency management-related organizations with extensive operations knowledge.
  • Partners from product and development companies active on the public safety market, multinational telecommunications and service companies, as well as general ICT consulting firms.


Please specify your contact details and any questions you might have and we will get back to you.